A “little” Move

From Japan to the East coast things are definitely different.  For one thing in Oki everybody knew me, in Virginia about nobody knows me… its a heck of a change.  having only sports to occupy my “social” life its been a lot harder making friends i know i’ll keep not just one you keep for a month or so.  Another difference is definitely the food; when i came back i had no idea what food was like.(unless you count texts people sent me)   traveling was also a big part of me while i was in Asia; i traveled to six different countries and loved the cultural experiences.  But i am glad that i moved back to America, otherwise i wouldn’t have been able to meet all the amazing people that i did through my swim and soccer teams.

Talk to y’all next time be sure to follow 🙂  next post will have some hilarious stories from Asia!!! bye 🙂